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Who said Lutherans don't know how to have fun?! Of course our Lord shows us how on Easter morning when all the bright, shinny, festive signs of the Savior spring into our our worship. Easter is the highest feast day and the 50 days after Easter is the height of the church year. It sounds the hope and joy that rings throughout the year, in our lives and to the Last Day. Every Sunday is a little Easter. And it all begins here. Come join the party!

In Christ,

Pastor Gilkey

Register for Calvary Preschool

Calvary offers preschool classes for 3 and 4 year olds with these options:

  • school front3 Year Olds: 2 day Preschool
  • 4 Year Olds: 3 day & 5 day Pre-Kindergarten

    For a complete schedule, click here.  Call the Preschool Office (509-837-6771) for registration information.

To view Parent Information, click here.

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