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The time after Pentecost is our long green season not just because of the orchards, vineyards and lush fields. Even though the air is warm and the sunny skies roll out day after day, this is hardly a time of ease. It is the time for Vacation Bible School and GROWING! Even though we take time out from a few of our regular activities, to work in the fields and yards, to welcome family and friends, to wet a hook for the "one that got away last year", we at Calvary continue to be gathered by our Lord to worship and be to be fed. It is a time to take a hint from the lush growth around us, to grow in our Lord and grow together. Come and grow with us!

In Christ,

Pastor Gilkey

Register for Calvary Preschool

Calvary offers preschool classes for 3 and 4 year olds with these options:

  • school front3 Year Olds: 2 day Preschool
  • 4 Year Olds: 3 day & 5 day Pre-Kindergarten

    For a complete schedule, click here.  Call the Preschool Office (509-837-6771) for registration information.

To view Parent Information, click here.

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